Invesco Physical Gold ETC

Investment Risks

For complete information on risks, refer to the legal documents. The value of investments, and any income from them, will fluctuate. This may partly be the result of changes in exchange rates. Investors may not get back the full amount invested. If the issuer cannot pay the specified return, the precious metal will be used to repay investors. Investors will have no claim on the other assets of the Issuer. Instruments providing exposure to commodities are generally considered to be high risk which means there is a greater risk of large fluctuations in the value of the instrument.

Product description

The Invesco Physical Gold ETC aims to provide the performance of the spot gold price through certificates collateralised with physical gold. Each Gold ETC is a certificate which is secured by gold bullion held in J.P. Morgan Chase Bank’s London vaults. The issuer of the certificates, Invesco Physical Markets PLC (Invesco PMP), is an Irish-domiciled company administered by J.P. Morgan Administration Services (Ireland) Limited.

The investment return is achieved by holding gold bullion, which is valued daily at the PM auction for the London Bullion Market Association ("LBMA") Gold price. The ETC will use a “swing bar” approach, whereby gold bullion equal to at least the full value of the certificates will be held in an allocated account in the name of the issuer.

The latest indication provided by the custodian shows that 100% of gold bars held in the segregated account of the Gold ETC are minted post-2012, meaning they adhere to the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance in compliance with the highest ethical standards. It was set up to combat systematic or widespread abuses of human rights, to avoid contributing to conflict, to comply with high standards of anti-money laundering, and to combat terrorist financing practices in entire gold supply chain. 

Invesco ETCs are exchange traded certificates and not funds or exchange traded funds.

Please note that, prior to 27 March 2018, the name of this product was Source Physical Gold ETC. This change has no bearing on the investment objective or any other aspect of the product.


Security Information

General information
Base currency USD
Dividend treatment None
Minimum investment 1 certificate
Launch date 24 Jun 2009
Certificates outstanding 68,206,782
Exchanges London Stock Exchange
Euronext Milan
SIX Swiss Exchange
Deutsche Börse (Xetra)
Euronext Amsterdam
Further information
ISA Eligible
UCITS Eligible
UK reporting status Yes
Countries of distribution Austria, Belgium (Institutional), Belgium (Private), Chile (Institutional), Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark (Institutional), Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel (Institutional), Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico (Institutional), Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Legal form Certificate (PD compliant)
Replication method Physical
Assets owned Physical Gold
Domicile Ireland
Financial year end 31 December
Key service providers
Issuer Invesco Physical Markets Plc
Investment manager Invesco UK Services Ltd
Fund administrator J.P. Morgan Administration Services (Ireland) Limited
Portfolio administrator J.P. Morgan Administration Services (Ireland) Limited
Depositary JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Trustee Intertrust Trustees Limited
Auditor KPMG
Promoter Invesco UK Services Ltd

Key information

Bloomberg ticker SGLD LN
ISIN IE00B579F325
Benchmark BBG ticker GOLDLNPM
Fixed fee 0.12%
CV (16 Apr 2024) $228.53
Total assets outstanding $15,587,198,885
Base currency USD
Summary Risk Indicator (SRI) 4
Umbrella AUM (16 Apr 2024) $17,059,736,082
Entitlement (16 Apr 2024) 0.096460152

If the issuer cannot pay the specified return, the gold will be used to repay investors. Investors will have no claim on the other assets of the Issuer.

The performance information on this web page refers to past performance. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

The data shown on this page is not real-time, i.e. it may be delayed due to mandatory requirements of the data provider. As a consequence, the price of the product linked to a specific underlying you are quoted by your broker or intermediary may substantially differ from the price of the product that you would expect on the basis of the data displayed on this site. Invesco accepts no responsibility for loss, however caused, resulting from errors in this data.

ETC performance is in the base currency, and is based on Net Asset Value after management fees. It does not consider commissions or custody fees payable when buying, holding or selling the ETC. The ETC does not charge entry or exit fees. Data: Invesco.

1. The daily precious metal entitlement is the amount of Fine Troy oz that is held as collateral for each certificate and decreases by the management fee which accrues daily. The total precious metal held is only reduced over a month when precious metal is sold to pay fees. The precious metal entitlement takes fees into account on a daily basis.
2. Total precious metal data up to date with last precious metal bar list appended to website.


The risk / reward profile classifies the fund by an indicator representing the levels from the lowest (1) to the highest (7). For more information see the KID/KIID.