Invesco Italian PIR Multi-Asset Portfolio UCITS ETF Acc


The Invesco Italian PIR Multi-Asset Portfolio UCITS ETF Acc aims to achieve the performance of a basket of reference indices (the “Reference Basket”), offering cross-asset class exposure. The fund is designed to be “Piani Individuali di Risparmio lungo a termine” (PIR) (Italian Law 232/2016) eligible.

The Reference Basket is designed with the objective of generating capital growth and income through exposure primarily to Italian equity and fixed income markets. The Reference Basket also offers global equity and fixed income exposure, as well as a small cash allocation, for diversification.

The Reference Basket consists of the following indices and cash with the following expected allocation percentages:

  • FTSE Italia All-Share Index: 20%
  • FTSE Italia Small Cap Index: 15%
  • FTSE Italia STAR Index: 20%
  • NASDAQ Global Buyback Achievers Index: 15%
  • FTSE Italian Corporate Bond Select Index: 20%
  • Citi Time-Weighted US Fallen Angel Bond Select Index: 7%
  • Cash: 3%

The Fund and the reference basket are rebalanced and reconstituted on a quarterly basis.

Please note that, prior to 25 May 2018, the name of this product was PowerShares Italian PIR Multi-Asset Portfolio UCITS ETF. This change has no bearing on the investment objective or any other aspect of the product.

Notice to Italian Investors

Investors in the fund since 1 January 2019 should be aware that the Fund will not grant them the tax benefits of a PIR under the old regime, due to the changes to the PIR legislation which came into effect on 1 January 2019 as a result of changes to such legislation announced in the Italian Budget Law 2019


The board of Invesco Markets II plc (the “Issuer”) has determined that the above listed fund is no longer economically viable and resolved to close and redeem this fund. In the context of the foregoing, the Issuer wishes to give irrevocable notice to all shareholders of this fund that it is its intention to (i) permanently de-list the shares from trading on exchange and (ii) permanently close the fund to further subscriptions by and redemptions from authorised participants. FURTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND IN THE CLOSURE NOTICE ATTACHED IN THE KEY DOCUMENTS SECTION OF THIS PAGE. Investors should direct any queries on this matter to or to +44 203 370 1113.


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Key fund risks

PIR compliance: While an investment in the Fund is intended to be eligible for the purposes of “Piani Individuali di Risparmio a lungo termine” (PIR) (Law 232/2016), no guarantee is made that the Fund will continue to be eligible, and investors should make their own assessment on the PIR eligibility of the Fund before investing.

Concentration of risk: Investment risk is concentrated in Italy. This means the Fund is more sensitive to any localised economic, market, political or regulatory events. 

Liquidity on secondary market risk: Lower liquidity means there are insufficient buyers or sellers to allow the Fund to sell or buy investments readily. On-exchange liquidity may be limited due to  underyling index suspension, a decision by one of the relevant stock exchanges, a breach by the market maker or respective stock exchange requirements and guidelines.


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ETF performance is in the fund’s base currency, includes dividends, reinvested. ETF performance is Net Asset Value after management fees and other ETF costs but does not consider any commissions or custody fees payable when buying, holding or selling the ETF. The ETF does not charge entry or exit fees. Data: Invesco.