Who are the Capital Markets team and what do they do?

Our Capital Markets team provide a free service for investors who are looking to trade (buy, sell or switch) products. They are able to help you find the most suitable and cost effective way to trade based on your particular preferences. The team also works with the extensive range of market-makers, brokers and Authorised Participants (APs) who trade our products, and look for ways to increase liquidity and lower trading costs for the benefit of all our investors.

What is “pre-trade analysis”?

The Capital Markets team can provide an estimation of the total cost of a trade, based on your specific requirements. This service may be particularly valuable if you are considering trading a product in large volume, or switching between ETFs, and would like a reasonable idea of the total costs for filling the entire trade. Costs are for indicative purposes only, but the service is free and without obligation to trade. Please click on the icon below if you would like the team to provide “pre-trade analysis”. 

Who do I speak to for more information?

Call us on +44 (0)20 8538 4904 or click on the “chat” icon below.