Invesco Euro Government Bond 1-3 Year UCITS ETF Dist

Investment Risks

For complete information on risks, refer to the legal documents. The value of investments, and any income from them, will fluctuate. This may partly be the result of changes in exchange rates. Investors may not get back the full amount invested. The creditworthiness of the debt the Fund is exposed to may weaken and result in fluctuations in the value of the Fund. There is no guarantee the issuers of debt will repay the interest and capital on the redemption date. The risk is higher when the Fund is exposed to high yield debt securities. Changes in interest rates will result in fluctuations in the value of the fund. The Fund may be exposed to the risk of the borrower defaulting on its obligation to return the securities at the end of the loan period and of being unable to sell the collateral provided to it if the borrower defaults.

Fund components

Asset type

as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Effective maturity

as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Country exposure

as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)


as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Credit rating

as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Top 10 Exposures as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Name ISIN Cusip Coupon rate Weight
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 0% 25/03/25 FR0013415627 N/A 0 4.22%
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 0.5% 25/05/25 FR0012517027 N/A 0.5 4.07%
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 0% 25/03/24 FR0013344751 N/A 0 3.84%
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 1.75% 25/11/24 FR0011962398 N/A 1.75 3.61%
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 2.25% 25/05/24 FR0011619436 N/A 2.25 3.57%
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 0% 25/02/24 FR0014001N46 N/A 0 2.87%
BUNDESREPUB. DEUTSCHLAND 1% 15/08/25 DE0001102382 N/A 1 2.77%
BUNDESREPUB. DEUTSCHLAND 0.5% 15/02/25 DE0001102374 N/A 0.5 2.75%
FRANCE (GOVT OF) 0% 25/02/25 FR0014007TY9 N/A 0 2.49%
SPAIN 2.15% 31/10/25 ES00000127G9 N/A 2.15 2.39%

Securities lending


What is Securities Lending?

Securities Lending is a well-established and tightly regulated practice involving the short-term transfer (loan) of securities. The objective is to enhance the ETF’s overall performance.

When a security is loaned, the borrower (who has been approved by Invesco and the Lending Agent) provides collateral and pays an agreed fee for the duration of the loan. Collateral is an asset that a lender accepts as security for a loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan payments, the lender can seize the collateral and resell it to recoup its losses.


How much revenue goes to the ETF?

The ETF will receive 90% of the revenue arising from securities lending, with the remaining 10% deducted by the Lending Agent, Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), for its fees and to cover direct and indirect operational costs. Invesco will not receive any revenue from the programme.

Risks to consider
Securities lending involves certain risks that an investor should consider, including:

  • The risk of the borrower defaulting on its obligation to return the securities at the end of the loan period, and
  • The risk of the ETF being unable to sell the collateral provided to it if the borrower defaults.

To mitigate these risks, the ETF benefits from a “borrower default indemnity” provided by the Lending Agent, BNY Mellon. The indemnity allows for full replacement of the securities loaned if the collateral does not cover the value of the securities in the event of a borrower default.

To find out more view the Invesco ETFs Securities Lending document in our Documents section.

Securities lending information

Percentage revenue retained by the fund 90%
Maximum amount of fund assets that can be loaned 30%
Maximum amount of any single security that can be loaned 90%

Assets on Loan

as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Collateral Held by Asset Type

as of 23 Nov 2022 (%)

Collateral Held by Country

as of 23 Nov 2022 (%)

Collateral Held by Currency

as of 23 Nov 2022 (%)

Value of Collateral Held

as of 24 Nov 2022 (%)

Top 10 Collateral Exposures as of 24 Nov 2022

Name Cusip ISIN Weight
EUR FL.R FRANCE (REGS BTF) 11-2027 EI5686858 FR0011008705 3.40%
EUR 0,10 FRANCE (REGS OAT) 15-2025 EK7554323 FR0012558310 3.10%
EUR FL.R AUSTRIA, REP.OF 21-2031 BN7645573 AT0000A2NW83 2.60%
EUR 5,50 DUTCH STATE (REGS) DSL 99-2028 GG7295270 NL0000102317 1.90%
FRANCE OAT AN6136328 FR0013257524 1.90%
FRENCH REPUBLIC 25/04/26 EI3077506 FR0010916924 1.90%
EUROPEAN INVESTMENT AZ1523804 XS2015227494 1.90%
STATE OF THE FRENCH VAR 01/03/28 AM4844388 FR0013238268 1.80%
EUR 0,00 AUSTRIA, REP.OF 22-2028 BT5988097 AT0000A2VB47 1.80%
Other N/A N/A 80.00%

Key information

Bloomberg ticker EIB3 GY
Benchmark BBG ticker I34058EU
Management fee 0.10%
NAV (25 Nov 2022) €37.80
AUM €135,234,103
Base currency EUR
Replication method Physical
Securities lending Yes
Risk & Reward Indicator (SRRI) 2
Umbrella AUM (25 Nov 2022) €11,108,711,236

ESG Profile

(Fund 24 Nov 2022)

ESG Rating (AAA-CCC) A
Quality Score (0-10) 5.74
Carbon Intensity N/A

Source: MSCI ESG Research. For more information on the ESG profile, see the ESG section on this product page. Carbon intensity is the weighted average carbon intensity (Tons CO2e/$million sales).

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The risk / reward profile classifies the fund by an indicator representing the levels from the lowest (1) to the highest (7). For more information see the KIID.