How to invest

Buying and selling Invesco products is as straightforward as buying and selling ordinary stocks and shares. Invesco products trade throughout the day on one or more of the London Stock Exchange, the Deutsche Boerse (Xetra), the SIX Swiss Exchange or the Borsa Italiana.

To invest, please contact your financial adviser, local broker or an online trading platform.

The secondary market

Shares in an exchange traded product (ETP) are bought and sold on the stock exchange, also known as the ‘secondary market’. When you instruct your broker to buy or sell a particular ETP, they will place the order on the exchange and it will be executed at the best available price. Invesco has an extensive network of trading firms who endeavour to provide live prices for the ETP throughout the day. This broad array of ‘market makers’ provides liquidity to all Invesco products. They work independently from one another and quote the best prices at which they will buy or sell shares in the ETP at a given time. This healthy competition encourages smaller differences between the buying and selling prices, otherwise known as the ‘bid-offer spread’.