Invesco Variable Rate Preferred Shares UCITS ETF


Das Anlageziel des Variable Rate Preferred Shares UCITS ETF ist, vor Abzug der Gebühren die Wertentwicklung des Wells Fargo® Diversified Hybrid and Preferred Securities Floating and Variable Rate Net Total Return Index in US-Dollar zu erreichen.

Der Index bildet die Wertentwicklung von auf US-Dollar lautender und am US-amerikanischen Inlandsmarkt emittierter variabel verzinslichen und Floating Rate Preferred Securities sowie bestimmten Arten von hybriden Wertpapieren ab, die technisch betrachtet Vorzugsaktien gleichen.

Die Indexkomponenten sind marktkapitalisierungsgewichtet, wobei einzelne Emittenten mit maximal 10% gewichtet sein dürfen (darüber hinaus dürfen Emittenten, deren individuelle Indexgewichtung über 5% beträgt, zusammen nicht mehr als 40% des Index ausmachen).


Allgemeine Informationen
Basiswährung USD
Dividenden Quartalsweise
Mindestanlagesumme 1 Anteil
Zeitpunkt der Auflage 04.10.2018
Ausstehende Anteile 206.336
Börsennotierung London Stock Exchange
Borsa Italiana
SIX Swiss Exchange
Weitere Informationen
ISA qualifiziert
SIPP qualifiziert
UK Reporting Status Ja
Öffentliche Vertriebszulassung Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy (institutional only), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (institutional only), United Kingdom
Rechtsform UCITS
Open ended fund
Replikationsmethode Physisch
Domizil Irland
Geschäftsjahresende 31 December
Steuerinformationen für deutsche Investoren
Equity ratio 16,1459
Service Provider
Emittent Invesco Markets II Plc
Manager Invesco Investment Management Ltd
Investmentmanager Invesco Capital Management LLC
Fondsverwalter BNY Mellon Fund Services (Ireland) Designated Activity Company
Depositary BNY Mellon Trust Company (Ireland) Limited
Trustee BNY Mellon Trust Company (Ireland) Limited
Wirtschaftsprüfer PricewaterhouseCoopers
Promoter Invesco Investment Management Limited
Bekanntgabe 12.09.2019
Ex-Dividende 19.09.2019
Eintrag 20.09.2019
Ausschüttungsdatum 26.09.2019
Ausschüttung je Anteil 0,4509
Währung USD
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Bloomberg VRPS LN
Bloomberg Benchmark PFLOT2
Managementgebühr 0,50 %
NAV (15.11.2019) $41.94
Verwaltetes Vermögen $320,879,842
Basiswährung USD

Key fund risks

Capital is not guaranteed: The value of investments, and income from them, can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested.

Sector concentration risk: In tracking the Index, the Fund may be concentrated from time to time in a small number of sectors. Investors should be prepared to accept a higher degree of risk than for a fund that is more widely diversified across different sectors.

Index tracking: The Fund will not replicate the performance of its Reference Index perfectly, this is because the Fund will incur drags on performance such as expenses and transactions costs, which the Reference Index is not subject to. If the Fund is unable to hold the securities in the exact proportion required this will affect its ability to track the Reference Index.

Liquidity on secondary market risk: Lower liquidity means there are insufficient buyers or sellers to allow the Fund to sell or buy investments readily. On-exchange liquidity may be limited due to Reference Index suspension, a decision by one of the relevant stock exchanges, a breach by the market maker or respective stock exchange requirements and guidelines.

Value of securities: The value of securities can be affected by daily stock market movements. Other influential factors include political, economic news, company earnings and significant corporate events.

Credit risk: Debt securities are exposed to credit risk which is the ability of the borrower to repay the interest and capital on the redemption date.


The performance information on this web page refers to past performance. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

The data shown on this page is not real-time, i.e. it may be delayed due to mandatory requirements of the data provider. As a consequence, the price of the product linked to a specific underlying you are quoted by your broker or intermediary may substantially differ from the price of the product that you would expect on the basis of the data displayed on this site. Invesco accepts no responsibility for loss, however caused, resulting from errors in this data.

ETF performance is in the fund’s base currency, includes dividends, reinvested. ETF performance is Net Asset Value after management fees and other ETF costs but does not consider any commissions or custody fees payable when buying, holding or selling the ETF. The ETF does not charge entry or exit fees. Data: Invesco.